Spirit Hill began as stores for witches which were located inside a plaster cave. It had a potion shop, a kitchen shop and a dress and hat shop.

One day I invited friends over to see my latest creation. I asked them to critique the work. Each pointed out that although lit within the cave, it was hard to see inside. One person suggested that I pull each shop out and do it individually. So Spirit Hill, as it now exists, was born that day!

I made a list of the shops I wanted to include. I had such fun inventing the name of each shop that the number of shops rapidly grew to twenty three! The first shop worked on was Youngblood’s Consignment Furniture. I loved the concept of a consignment shop where a witch could find almost any item that she could want for her home. After all, witches homes can range from hovels to hillside mansions!

Spirit Hill grew fast and furiously and eventually became a shopping mall for witches, wizards and those with psychic leanings. By not limiting the mall to witches, I could have lots of fun selecting customers to shop in the stores.

To me, something was still missing. Spirit Hill needed a reason to exist so I began to write the short story which joins the characters in Spirit Hill and all the shops. Over a span of eight years, Spirit Hill has grown into the shopping mall you see on this website.

I owe a debt of gratitude to the many artists who have worked with me on this project.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

Linda Guthertz Sullivan