Portal 4

Episode 28

There lay Sonja in a hospital bed with intravenous fluids being administered through both arms. Four elderly people surrounded her bed with their eyes full of tears. Sonja had just stopped breathing but the doctors and nurses had been successful in resuscitating her for the third time using the crash cart.

She was connected to monitors as she had been since her fellow postal carriers found her lying at the bottom of the stairs of one of the houses on her postal route. Ion and Anna had been so worried that she would not survive that they sent for Vlad and Mira. Together the four of them had been gathered around her hospital bed talking about their shared child’s life and the fact that after threats from their former son-in-law, Sonja had been sent to Ion and Anna for protection. They talked about it being time to tell Sonja the truth. Vlad and Mira were not getting any younger. They now hoped that Sonja would recover and come home to assume her role of Countess in the far away Carpathian Mountains.

Seventeen days had passed with her not regaining consciousness and Sonja’s family was losing hope when Ion remembered how much Sonja loved dogs. After getting permission from the hospital and doctors, Ion went and purchased a German shepherd puppy.

He brought the puppy to the hospital and placed her on the foot of Sonja’s bed. The puppy crawled right up to the top of the bed, got under the covers and put her head on Sonja’s shoulder. There she remained for several hours until Sonja finally opened her eyes to the puppy kisses administered by the dog she loved instantly and quickly named Coli.

Shortly, she would learn the truth…