Igor’s Midnite Market

Episode 2

Igor’s Midnite Market and Dragon’s Myst

The first stop on Lebec’s route was the grocery store or Igor’s Midnite Market owned by the ever so creepy, Igor G. Orlok. The two-story operation with an upstairs bakery is located next door to the fabulous Dragon Myst Produce which is managed by Elphaba, an experienced produce grower aided by Igor’s son, Junior, who appears to be really good for nothing but moving boxes from one place to another. Just about anything from mushrooms to pumpkins could be found here.

Sonja and Lebec left his mail bike at the curb and went inside. Sonja looked around to see the butcher, Doc Cal Igari, serving customers and cats while the evil Igor worked the register. His yellow eyeballs brightened at the site of Sonja and he listened intently to her pleas for help in getting home. “I’ll do anything to get home” she cried. Igor offered, “How about I help you get home and you give me that necklace? ” Somehow, deep inside her, she new that the necklace was something she desperately needed to keep. So she screamed at Igor “Not even after my dying breath would I give up this necklace, fella.  You can forget that payment idea. ”   Needing to finish his route and unable to stay longer, Lebec wished her a good trip home for he was confident that Igor would get her there.  He left to finish his work obligations.
At this point, Igor told her the following. “My dear child, I can help you get home but the price is very, very high. In order for me to assist you in your endeavor to return home, you must bring me the following items:

1. Two black roses

2. A bottle of Wulff Manor Wine

3. A chocolate frog

4. A dragon egg

5. A jester’s mask

6. The head of the devil

“That’s impossible stuff for me to find! I’ll never get home this way. Never, Never, Never, ” she told Igor. She started to cry as Igor suggested that she visit the shops in the square. “Most of the items can be found around here. Don ‘t fret my pet. You’ll get home before long, ” Igor yelled after her as she ran out the door.

She sat on the bench outside the market, frightened and crying over her situation. Suddenly she noticed three blind mice next to her on the bench and another mouse begging for help on top of the newspaper rack. They were so cute that she reached out to them. They, too, were concerned about her state of mind.

She told them she was lost and what Igor had demanded of her to help her get home. The mice were amazed at the list of items Igor required to assist Sonja but having begged outside his store for years, they knew him to be an evil person. He often shooed them away from the door with a big 
threatening broom.

The mice helped Sonja wipe away her tears and tried to convince her that Igor was the only game in town and that she had to find the items he wanted. So, off on her journey she went, feeling somewhat alone because Lebec had left her to finish his mail delivery and the mice could not come with her because they would have slowed her down. She thanked them and set off in a hurry to find all the items and get home. Sonja wondered, “How can anyone not know San Francisco or the Golden Gate?” She smiled at the two dogs playing with a string of sausages someone had dropped in front of the market.

Her next thoughts scared her a bit, for she really wondered where she was and just what was Spirit Hill Square? She was especially scared as she noticed a witch at the end of the block wearing the traditional pointed hat, but carrying items which appeared to be for sale such as baskets on her back.