Ruby’s Slippers

Episode 12

How clever Ruby had been to open her shoe store next to that fabulous dress shop! Sonja came to this conclusion after noticing that nearly all of the seats were taken with witches dressed with flair and town ladies who just wanted comfort. After all, why do women buy shoes?

“No matter your size, there will always be shoes to fit” said one witch when Sonja asked her the question. Another woman chimed into the conversation, “I am simply addicted to buying shoes. I buy them all the time. I guess you could call me a collector!” All the people in the shop got into a lively conversation about the numbers of shoes that they had while Sonja walked around looking at the great shoes for sale. She would have loved to own a gorgeous pair of black boots on display but the 40 pendracle price was far beyond what she had in her pockets.

And, then she came upon the pair of glass slippers. She sat down in the first available seat to try them on. Why not? She felt kind of like Cinderella at the moment although rather than mean stepsisters she had to deal with yellow-eyed evil Igor. She put the shoe on her foot but no prince arrived to whisk her away. “Oh well, it was worth a try, she said out loud not really talking to anyone in particular. As she spoke, an advertisement came flying through the air and landed at her feet. Sonja picked it up to see that it was announcing a Halloween casting demonstration in the Center Court of Spirit Hill Square. Should she go? She pondered the question only a short minute before deciding to check it out. Just maybe she would find something from Igor’s list. Saying good night to all the ladies in the shop, Sonja scurried off to visit more shops in the few hours left before she was going to attend the demonstration at Center Court. Sonja was beginning to relax in Spirit Hill. She was starting to notice the street people. There were witches on motor scooters! She even saw a witch with a broken leg going along in her wheel chair. Surely she was in for quite a few surprises as she searched the rest of the stores for the items which remained on Igor’s list.