The Elixer Lounge

Episode 24

Gargoyles surrounded the roof protecting the rusty fence and widows walk of a large brick and stone building located next door to the Devil Dogs Clubhouse. “Old” and “dark” inside were the first two words that Sonja could think of to describe the interior of the Elixir Lounge.

The bar was very old and very long. The back bar contained nearly every kind of liquor and liqueur that existed including Absinthe.

There were small hexagonal tables for intimate meetings as well as settles along the wall for groups.The center of each table had a small spinal column that held a soft light. Larger spinal column lights graced the bar. A stairway leading up to to a large meeting or banquet room.

In the corner was a small stage which looked like a spider web with even the spider in the center. On the stage were three pole dancers entertaining the crowd.

Knowing that she would never find the head of the Devil here in the Elixir Lounge, Sonja sat at a table to rest for a few minutes while enjoying the music and the dancers.

Since she had been told to leave no stone unturned, she took a quick run upstairs. Of course, there was no Devil’s head there. It was a large room with a stage. She saw the most ugly witch she had ever seen up on the stage speaking to the 20 or so witches in the audience. They seemed to be planning an attack on children! This was more information than she wanted to be burdened with so she returned downstairs.

Sonja was beginning to feel quite comfortable in Spirit Hill even though she had no idea how she had gotten there, where she really was, or how she would get back to her friends, family, and job.

Well, two stores left to visit, so she had to go. Time was running out.