The Psychic Eye Shop

Episode 8

The Psychic Eye Shop was located on the other side of the portal. Looking in the window, Sonja found it pretty amazing. The shop was filled with fortunetellers and wizards and the store contained all types of Psychic paraphernalia from crystals to books to incense. As it was Halloween day, it didn’t seem to surprise Sonja when she noticed the pumpkin head man and his son looking in the window next to her! Gingerly, Sonja opened the door. Immediately, Madame Rosa asked if she wanted her fortune told. Not a bad idea thought Sonja. As scared as she was, she replied that she would like to look around first. “Give me a minute or two to see some of these interesting items before we see what my fortune has to hold. It hasn’t been so good up to now.”

Sonja began to walk around the store noting the many different psychic supplies such as crystals, candles, voodoo dolls and books on all of the magical and mystical subjects. The others in the shop included a tall wizard wearing an amazing ruby red ring. It seemed to have a glow and life of its’ own.   As she walked by the wizard, he bent down and whispered to her, “It takes faith and persistence. Trust in yourself my dear.”  Sonja was stunned at the words uttered by the wizard. How did he know her problems and desires? He handed her a stick of lavender dream incense and said, “When you feel like you can’t go on, burn this incense. You will be pleased with it.”

Madame Rosa smiled brightly as Sonja was about to sit down at her table. “I’m not sure I should do this”, Sonja admitted. “I am so confused. I have lost the mail, my city, and my clothes. All I want is to go home but it seems to be getting harder if not nearly impossible to get there. Before he’ll help me get home, Igor has sent me on a wild goose chase for the items on this list. And I have only found one so far.” Sonja began to cry due to her frustration.  “Sit down” Rosa offered. “Let’s see what the ball tells me.”

As Sonja sat down with Madame Rosa, Witch Spellanie called for her 3 other coven mates to come quickly and view the happenings in Spellanie’s crystal ball. “What should we do?” worried Spellanie. “Madame Rosa might tell her too much. It is not time for her to know everything yet. The Count has not given us permission. We must stop this but how?”  Witch Hexanna offered her suggestion that they take over control of Madame Rosa’s crystal ball and feed it the information they wanted Sonja to know.  The four witches agreed to this plan so Hexanna got her magic wand and said “Controllo ballarosa”.  With only seconds to spare, the four witches gained control over the images, which would appear in Rosa’s crystal ball. They began to feed in new images such as Sonja dressed in her Post Office uniform, the Golden Gate bridge, Ion and Anna whom she thought were her parents and the best friend she had ever had, her dog Maxwell. They erased the images of the Count, the Countess, the castle and even the long ago threats that Igor had made to her real parents. Then they sat back to watch as Madame Rosa told Sonja her fortune.

Madame Rosa parted the clouds in her crystal ball with her hands and began to reveal to Sonja the fortune conjured up by the four witches. “I see you,” Rosa cried out, “You are walking pushing a cart loaded with mail.” So see, soon you will get home! See dear, there is nothing to worry about. I can see that you have found the items on Igor’s list and that he has helped you return. Your picture is filled with sunshine, happiness and long life. Oh, the ball has gone dark and I can tell you no more.”

Feeling somewhat relieved by the words of Madame Rosa, Sonja decided to continue her search for the objects on the list. She took the incense given to her by the wizard with the red ring and added it to her bag with the roses. Off she went to see if she could find any of the items on the list in the next shop.

As she headed on down the street, Sonja saw an open portal. Tempted to enter it, she noticed the thick fog swirling around and filling the place. She decided not to enter here but to keep on walking down Cauldron Court. Although Sonja didn’t know it, it was a smart decision for hiding in the fog was Junior waiting for his chance to grab the silver heart necklace.