Hermione’s Herbs

Episode 19

This was a store which would not have either of the two items left on the list but the number of different herbs displayed was so totally amazing that Sonja decided to take a look. Since her meeting the evil Igor on the street a few minutes ago, she wished she could conjure up something to take care of him! He was so mean and nasty that she figured something or someone had hurt him deeply and destroyed his faith in anything bright and good.

Outside Hermione’s, she met a traditionally garbed Asian man with a long cue. He smiled and handed Sonja the daily list of sale herbs that Hermione published. Sonja had always had an interest in herbs, and she thanked him and entered the shop. It seemed that every herb she had ever read about in her herbalist books was here. It was incredible.

She couldn’t help it. She had to buy some of the herbs she had only read about, but never seen before. She would take them home with her, for her confidence level had risen again. She felt that home was just outside her reach. It was a strange feeling but she knew she was going to get there.