Shop ’til you drop…dead

Episode 21

Outside the bank, Sonja had to pass another portal before she could get to the next shop. For some reason, the portals seemed to really unnerve her. They were filled with swirling fog that prevented you from seeing what was on the other side of the portal. Sonja did not yet have the courage to venture inside one of them and see where they would take her so she continued on to the next shop.

As she walked up to Shop ’til you drop…dead, she noticed a real decline in the mall. The buildings weren’t kept up as well and there were many strange looking creatures around. Laughing to herself she thought ” I wonder if I have crossed the tracks.” As she had to climb over a dead, drunk skeleton in the doorway of the shop, she realized that was exactly what had happened.

This store was cute. It had lots of greeting cards and wrapping papers along with last minute gifts. There were tea sets and a few toy like items. Upstairs was a large cauldron containing the best in stirring bones. There were also many hearth brooms on the walls as they made nice gifts. The best item in the shop, thought Sonja, was the quidditch chest and the Nimbus 2000 broom! Sonja had only read about quidditch in the Harry Potter books. She would love to watch a live match! Oh, let’s face it. Sonja was dying to get on that broom and fly…………….!

The owner of the shop was a mystic named Valera. She sat in front of the fireplace to keep warm. It was a chilly day, this Halloween. Something was going to happen. She felt it in each of her bones.

When Sonja asked if she might have either a dragon egg or the Devil’s head, Valera laughed out loud. “Well, I might have some strange stuff in here but nothing quite like that. There is a pet shop next door. Maybe Freda can help you with Dragon eggs but I have no idea how to find the head of the Devil.”

“Good luck,” she called as Sonja closed the door again stepping over the dead drunk skeleton with his bottle of booze.