The Spirit Hill Art Gallery

Episode 7

Even more scared, Sonja was still determined to press on and look in each of the shops on the square for the items on the list. Home was a place where she desperately wanted to be. She would do nearly anything to get there.

Having eaten, she felt much better and set out to continue her search by first visiting the stores on Cauldron Court. Next-door to Frankie’s, she noticed The Spirit Hill Art Gallery. It was open for they were having an opening night extravaganza complete with an outside street sale. At the entrance, she stepped inside behind two witches who had picked out paintings to buy from the outside sale. Eagerly, she entered the brightly lit gallery. She was amazed to see the Bride of Frankenstein being serenaded with a violin concerto played by another man who resembled Frankenstein. There surely were some fabulous paintings on the walls. Betty, owner of the Gallery, was very friendly and outgoing. She took Sonja on a tour of the gallery. There was a painting of Stonehenge, one of Dorothy’s red shoes and lots of paintings of witches combined into something called Relative Row. While the people at the opening were friendly, Sonja saw nothing there that was on her list and turned to descend the stairs and continue on with her search. It was then that she saw it. The painting was sticking out from behind another not yet mounted. It showed a fabulous castle far away in the Carpathian Mountains. Her heart gave a twinge at the sight of the castle painting. But, knowing nothing of her past, Sonja did not know why she had such feelings. She thanked Betty for the tour of the gallery and headed out the door wondering what that castle was and why it had affected her so.