Frankie’s Flowers

Episode 3

On the corner of Spirit Way and Cauldron Court, she spotted Frankies Flowers and decided to begin her search for the items on the list there. What fabulous flowers he had both outside and in the window, so she entered.

“Hi there,” he called out as she entered the front door. Sonja was startled to see that Frankie was none other than Frankenstein, who was a rather frightening character, due to his size. “Are you looking for poison orchids or man-eating plants? I have both upstairs in the conservatory. I also have a large variety of roses down here. There is a sale out on the back patio, too.”

Sonja asked Frankie if he had black roses, to which he replied “Long or short stems?” Sonja had no clue as to what Igor wanted, but decided to take the long stem ones. “I’ll take 12 of the long stem ones, sir. I am trying to get home to San Francisco. Igor Orlok told me he would help me if I brought him the items on this list. I am so happy that you have the black roses.” She didn’t even notice the black robed vampire at the counter. Frankie wrapped up the flowers and told Sonja that she owed him 12 pendracles as the roses cost 1 pendracle each. “Oh, no,” she cried out. “I have no money. Now what will I do?” Large tears started to fall from her eyes. Frankie was particularly susceptible to tears as they invoked the gentle side of his nature. So Frankie told Sonja, “Okay, my dear, you water the flowers for me upstairs in the conservatory and then out on the street, and I will give you the twelve roses as payment for your service.”¬† Sonja agreed that this sounded like a fair arrangement, so she shook Frankie’s hand and began to ascend the circular staircase to the conservatory. Climbing up the stairs, she again heard Frankie’s warning, “Watch out for the man eating plants and the poison orchids. Water them but don’t get to close. It could be very dangerous. You’ll find the watering can down by the orchids.”

As she reached the top of the stairs, she saw the large section of man-eating plants off to her far right. They looked so menacing that she walked straight ahead searching for the watering can. Right where he said it was, she picked up the can, and as she began to pump the water Sonja realized just how sore and tired she really was. Barely able to hold the can filled with water, she began her chores: light spray for the orchids along with a drenching for the other plants. Use all the water in the can. She turned to refill the watering can but before she could pump the water, the long frond of one of the man-eaters grabbed her from behind. She screamed as it drew her closer and closer to its mouth. Instinct had her grab for her necklace, and when she did, the frond released its hold on her.¬† If she released her touch on the necklace, the frond grabbed hold again. So, she now knew the secret of how to water the man-eaters was “Hold on to your Heart”. The side of her head was so painful that she rubbed it with her hand, and while she did that, she failed to notice the woman in the next aisle. Searching for the perfect man-eating plant was a true witch, wearing her cape and a pointed hat, of course.