Cauldrons & Crystals

Episode 10

A Cooking Lesson

The last shop on the block was awash with light and filled with witches. Looking in the window, Sonja saw many crystal balls both beautiful and amazing in design along with cauldrons of a variety of sizes. Inside the store, known as Cauldrons and Crystals, she saw a large fireplace surrounded by several witches listening intently to the directions given by the instructor. Amazed that she had found a witches cooking school, Sonja looked at each crystal ball and cauldron as she slowly drew nearer and nearer to the conjuring witch lecturing from a book entitled “How to Serve Children.”

The shock of the subject being taught nearly prevented Sonja from noticing the chocolate frog located on the witch’s supply table. The instructor, noticing Sonja for the first time, cackled her greeting, “Hello dearie. Are you here to join our class?” “Oh no,” replied Sonja stumbling over her words. “I just saw that chocolate frog on your table and was wondering if it were for sale?”

“Oh no, dearie. But, it is one of the recipes I am teaching tonite. Pull up a stool and before the evening ends, you will have made at least one!” What choice did she have? None, really. So, Sonja joined the 3 witches and learned to prepare the chocolate frog recipe! Not a witch and unable to conjure did not stop the determined Sonja. With the teacher’s assistance, she created a beautiful chocolate frog. Not only did she get one of the items on Igor’s list, Sonja had some fun at the witch’s cooking school. Sonja packed her frog in the bag with the black roses, the incense the wizard had given her and the Harry Potter book she had purchased at Shadow’s. The witches wished her well. No one noticed as Igor’s son peered into the window and then ran off to report to his father at the market. She had explained during the class that she had a list of items to find before Igor would help her get home to San Francisco. She shared the details of being lost, her trying to get home and he being the only one to offer her help. She also revealed how incredibly mean he had been to her. Each of the witches could relate to Sonja as each had had her own experiences with the yellow-eyed evil townsman.

Igor listened intently as Junior reported Sonja’s visits to the flower shop, the bookstore, the cooking school and the Psychic Eye. Igor again told Junior that he wanted that necklace in the worst way. “Get it” Igor told his son. “All our problems will be ended when you get it! Go now and don’t come back without it” Igor yelled at Junior. Terrorized by his father’s words, Junior cowered and then ran off to find Sonja. He had no plan as to how he was to get the necklace but he knew he had to do it or else.