Under My Hat

Episode 11

An Upscale Store

As Sonja neared the corner of Cauldron Court and Batwing Boulevard, she noticed a two-story dress shoppe. The sign read “Under My Hat” which Sonja decided was a catchy name. Exotic ball gowns filled the windows while jewelry, hats and lingerie filled the first floor. The owner of the shop was a very pretty blonde that resembled Kim Novak when she played the witch in Bell, Book and Candle. “I won’t find anything here that is on the list”, Sonja said to herself and started to turn toward the front door. Suddenly she noticed the stairs to the second floor. Climbing the stairs, first she noticed a fabulous display of fans. Next she observed a fashion show on going with a butler resembling Igor serving drinks and hors doeuvres.

Sonja sat down to view the dresses being modeled. As she sat back in her seat, she noticed that masks lined the walls. “Oh is there a jester’s mask?” she wondered. When she asked about it, the sales person replied, “I think I saw one upstairs on the roof in The Rack which is our sale department. If we have one, that’s where it will be.” Sonja couldn’t get there fast enough to see the mask in the hands of an admiring witch. Sonja screamed, “I have to have that” as she grabbed it out of the witch’s hands. I need it so Igor will help me return to my home town.” The witch from whom Sonja had grabbed the mask was not very happy but hearing Sonja’s story decided to give her the mask rather than fight over it any longer.

Sonja was ecstatic as she paid for the mask, put it in her shopping bag and headed out the door. Lost in her own thoughts, she again failed to notice Junior lurking about. Neither did she see the witch about to enter the shop through the side door with her pet spider on leash nor the spider wearing the fancy witch’s hat coming in the front door.

Sonja, now having some hope, had a smile on her face for the first time since she could remember as she turned the corner onto Batwing Boulevard. The first store on the block was Ruby’s Slippers.