Igor’s Upstairs Bakery

Episode 4

Completing her jobs for Frankie left her sore, tired and very hungry. She decided to take only 6 of the roses and the rest of her earnings in cash so she would have some money to buy food.  Thanking Frankie, she decided to go back to the bakery upstairs from Igor’s to find something to satisfy her gnawing hunger. Saying a quick hello to her blind mice friends and giving them one of her remaining six pendracles, she turned the corner and climbed the stairs to the bakery.  From outside the door, the wonderful smells enticed her, but she was startled by what she saw inside.

Sitting at tables drinking and eating were four witches with their familiars comfortably resting on the floor. One could not miss what they were as they were dressed in traditional black garb with pointed hats. She saw no brooms around when she walked in, which surprised her a bit.

She was so weak with hunger that she entered the bakery and went straight to the counter. The only thing, however, that she could afford was a loaf of Day of the Dead bread and a cup of hot coffee. Purchasing both, she turned to see that the tables were all taken.  Summoning her courage, Sonja asked if she could join one of the groups.  “Sit down, my pretty” was the immediate reply.