Spirit Hill Cemetery Sales Office

Episode 26

The Sales Office was the smallest building in Spirit Hill, but it provided the biggest shock of all for Sonja. She entered the door to find that the business was run by the Devil himself! He was dressed in shiny red leather with a long beard and two white horns. Sonja waited by the doorway as he sold a plot and coffin to a woman wailing with the pain of her recent loss.

Sonja noticed a map on the wall and went to see that it was the map of the cemetery with its different burial areas including Hexen Hill, Ghost Gulch, Seagull Swamp, and Pirates Perch.

After making arrangements with the Devil, the wailing woman left. Sonja was now alone with the Devil and his helper a little red Devilette who sat on top of the file cabinet. Could she kill him in order to get home?

As she recited her plight, the Devil lowered himself into his chair. He had no idea of what to tell her. No way was he going to loose his head so she could get home! Furthermore, he wanted that beautiful silver necklace with the heart that she wore.

It was a stalemate. Neither of them was willing to give up what was most important nor did they have any alternative suggestions that had any merit. Then the Devil remembered that he had had made a model of his head that he gave to his customers that purchased the more expensive coffins and funeral packages.

Having only one left in the shop, he wrapped it up for Sonja truly hoping that Igor would accept it and send her home. Yet, he knew deep down inside that this would never happen.

Sonja thanked him and left the Sales Office with only minutes to get to the Center Court.

Dejected, she walked toward the Center Court with residents of Spirit Hill. She had everything on evil Igor’s list but the Devil’s real head. She had visited all the stores in Spirit Hill Square and the closest she had come to the last item was the Devil head model from the Cemetery Sales Office. She would not commit the crime of murder just to appease Igor but, oh, how she wanted to go return to the Spirit Hill Cemetery Sales office and decapitate the Devil working there so she could go home.

On the other side, the Devil could not get that necklace out of his mind. If he had it, he knew there was no spell he could not make or break. He would be all powerful especially over the citizens of Spirit Hill. He could not think of what would befall them all if Igor got his hands on the necklace. So he began to formulate a plan……..