Center Court

Episode 27


Spirit Hill Center Court

Well, she could wait no longer. It was time to walk to Center Court for the Samhain celebration.

Upon arriving at Center Court, she purchased a magazine to read and some candy to munch on while she waited for the program to begin. Formed like a Greek Theatre, the center court of stones was filling up with Spirit Hill shoppers and storeowners. The bright, shiny curtains were drawn across the stage. The proscenium was decorated with metallic flying witches and pumpkins. Sonja was sure it would be a special program because this was All Hallows Eve. These holidays were very important to the wizards, witches and psychics who lived and shopped in Spirit Hill.

Sitting behind her were Spellanie, Hexana, Brujita and Honora still feeling the strong need to protect her from Igor and his evil ways. They also had a sense that time was running out for Sonja and that Igor would soon initiate whatever evil plan he had in mind. They had not figured on the Devil.

Samhain signified the beginning of winter or the Dark Half of the Year.
It was believed that during this night the separation between this world and that of our ancestors was the narrowest of the year. Journeys could be made from one side to the other and back. Therefore, the rituals were concentrated on making contact with the spirits of the departed who were respected as sources of guidance and inspiration.

The night was dark. No moon could be seen in the sky. This is when sight was obscured in order to view into the other worlds.

The fire pit began to glow brightly as Mystica walked to center stage. Raising her arms to the sky, she spoke “She walks among us tonight, a soul lost from the other side. We must use our collective power to send her back. Raise your arms to the sky, concentrate with all your might, and send her away from our midst.” As Mystica spoke, Sonja thought that she was describing her situation and hoped that the Spirit Hill town folk had the collective power to send her back to San Francisco to her beloved Golden Gate.

Sonja looked around to see all of the town folk seated on the stones to have their faces filled with their concentration and their arms raised toward the dark night sky. Suddenly, without warning, a stream of fire jumped from the fire pit up to the sky and flew like a mystic spirit off into the night.