Youngblood’s Cellar

Episode 16

The Cellar

Sonja was beginning to feel as though time were running out. Although Igor had not specified how long she had to find the items, she had a feeling that his offer would not last “forever”. She planned to take a quick look at the china shop whose manager was certainly a witch with attitude. Not believing that Sonja was a friend of Zoltan, the manager tried to shoo her out of the store. Now that kind of treatment made Sonja angry so she went all around the small shop and examined each pattern displayed. Her favorite of all turned out to be the flying witch china known as “Fly by Nite.” It had lots of accessory pieces including platters and even a canister set. The manager thought she was going to ring up a huge sale when Sonja turned abruptly and walked out the door. That will fix her thought Sonja. She now has to put all those dishes away. Sonja began to believe that maybe there was a little witch in her after all!